Are you harnessing the power of your PI System? – Top Ten Tips

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Posted in Blog on May 26th, 2023

You’ve made the investment. AVEVA’s PI System is implemented and integrated within your organisation.  But are you using it to its full potential? Is your PI System delivering on its promises: enabling improved operational performance, reliability and efficiency, protecting health and safety, reducing downtime etc?

The AVEVA PI System offers industry-leading products for collating, enhancing, storing and accessing reliable, real-time data throughout the organisation. The PI System provides analysts, engineers and operators with the data needed to optimise efficiency, productivity, asset performance, safety, and regulatory compliance.

As organisations increasingly utilise data for decision-making, the need for reliable and scalable real-time data management systems has become more pressing. However, while the technical aspects of the system are critical, they are only part of the equation for success. A strategically well-designed and standardized PI System is essential to ensure user adoption, data accuracy, and scalability.

Ten Top Tips to maximise the power of your PI System:
  1. Think (and act) strategically
    The PI System is extremely powerful in supporting companies to achieve digital transformation goals. Understand what your business is aiming to achieve with the PI System and take a strategic approach to design and implementation, thus harnessing the full potential of the product and driving positive change across your organisation. Determine the goals for the PI System, what data you need to collect and analyse, and how you plan to use this information.
  2. Develop a comprehensive plan
    Develop a comprehensive plan for the system implementation, including detailed timelines, milestones and contingency plans. Allow flexibility to make adaptations as needed throughout the implementation process, to ensure a successful outcome. Documentation is key, from system design and configuration settings to user manuals.  This ensures that the system can easily maintained and updated in future.
  3. Ensure buy-in from key stakeholders
    What do your key stakeholders want from the system? How will they use your PI System and what business KPIs are they measured on? Involve all relevant stakeholders in the planning and implementation process, including IT, operations, maintenance, and management. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and has a clear understanding of the project goals and objectives.
  4. Educate users
    Maximise the benefits from your PI System by ensuring that users understand the product and its implementation within the organisation. Are new users easily able to navigate the system?  Provision of comprehensive PI System training for users and administrators ensures that everyone can make the most of its capabilities.
  5. Partner with expert PI System consultants
    Put simply, many PI System users ‘don’t know what they don’t know’. Your own employees are experts on your company, but not necessarily PI System experts.  Work with a business partner who truly understands the functionality and power of this industrial-grade software, and how to maximise the benefits to your organisation.
  6. Own your PI System: more than just a software implementation
    Many companies install and complete initial integration work for their PI system and see short-term results. But what next? See the bigger picture: identify senior management to ‘own’ the PI System investment, to take it beyond phase 1 and make use of enhanced functionality to deliver tangible business benefits such as improved efficiency, productivity, asset performance and regulatory compliance.
  7. Ensure data accuracy
    Any data management solution is only as good as the data it manages (‘garbage in, garbage out’!) Ensure that that data collected by the PI System is accurate and reliable through activities such as sensor calibration, data validation and data reconciliation.
  8. Get the detail right!
    Strategic planning, user training, and key stakeholder buy-in are all critical steps in a successful PI System implementation. But there’s a reason why PI System experts are so in-demand: their expertise brings a successful implementation to fruition and ensures its continued value to the business in the future.  From naming conventions to templates, maintenance, support and governance, it’s the attention to detail that ensures your PI System investment delivers in the short, medium and longer term.
  9. Establish a maintenance plan
    Protect the longevity of your investment with a structured maintenance plan which ensures your PI System continues to operative effectively over time. This should include regular system checks, backups, and updates.
  10. Think outside the box
    What else could your PI System be delivering to the business? Engage with the external PI System community to understand best practices, new and innovative solutions for your business.  ITI Group are AVEVA’s only Endorsed PI System partner in the UK, offering a wealth of experience in PI System and all its associated products across a team of industry specialists. Does your PI System need a review?

Is your AVEVA PI System delivering for your business? Is it just a reliable software tool, or an integral part of your company infrastructure, delivering measurable benefits in a competitive marketplace?  When designed and implemented strategically, the PI System is highly scalable, enabling the transformation of operational data into actionable intelligence, supporting organisations in achieving their digital transformation goals.

Would your PI System benefit from an external review?

ITI Group’s PI Audit service offers clients a review of their PI System implementation, delivering a documented list of recommendations and improvements, and a presentation of findings to key stakeholders.

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