Collaboration delivers enhanced support to onshore and offshore assets

Posted in Blog on February 6th, 2019

Servelec Controls has partnered with alarm-system experts Eldor UK in order to deliver enhanced support to the Industrial IT systems on oil and gas assets.
Servelec Controls has provided support services for EnQuest PLC’s PI system since 2008. The OSIsoft PI system collects and analyses data from multiple sources then translates it into a uniform structure in real-time. When EnQuest took on ownership of the Magnus offshore platform and the onshore Sullom Voe Oil Terminal (SVT) in December 2017, Servelec Controls transitioned the PI servers for both assets into one main PI system, enabling operations monitoring from one single system. Servelec Controls now provides 24hr incident response, proactive daily health checks, continual service improvement for system optimisation including upgrades for new features and optimised data analysis for best business use.

At these two sites, the inherited Honeywell DynAMo alarm management system was also transitioned into the IT estate, handed over to support and, in December 2018, Servelec Controls enlisted the services of Eldor UK, a specialist in the DynAMo alarm management system, to provide their expertise.

Eldor will undertake an initial on-boarding phase and provide appropriate training on the DynAMo alarm system to Servelec Controls’ Service Hub engineers to enable them to provide the first line of support, with Eldor providing their expertise as and when required.

Servelec Controls will respond to issues with DynAMo over the phone and through remote access. Should issues require escalation to a site visit, Eldor’s experts would be dispatched to site to undertake the required maintenance using their in-depth knowledge of the system. Eldor will also carry out regular routine maintenance of the DynAMo systems at both SVT and Magnus, ensuring the systems are operating correctly and efficiently.

Service Delivery Manager, Tim MacLaren said: “This collaboration with Eldor will enable us to provide a more comprehensive service than would have been possible independently. The partnership has expanded the capabilities of Servelec Controls’ support engineers and also means that our customer can access Eldor’s expertise in DynAMo’s alarm optimisation capabilities through a single, proven service hub: an enhanced service which is now also available to all of our other clients.”