ITI Group advances the upgrade of SSEN Distribution infrastructure

Posted in Latest News, Press Release on May 28th, 2024

ITI Group has commenced work on an advanced design of operational technology panels in the latest stage of SSEN Distribution’s nationwide substation upgrades.

SSEN (Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks) Distribution’s vision is to upgrade the communications infrastructure to approximately 1500 substations across the UK, with the aim of improving efficiency, in order to achieve output targets at lower operational cost. The end goal is to meet OFGEM pricing targets, whilst maintaining the safe and secure transmission of operational data back from geographically dispersed sub-stations and other electrical infrastructure within the SSEN Distribution portfolio.

ITI Group started work in early 2022 on an initial test and development project, building panels for Dundee and Thames Valley, a proof of concept phase which provided SSEN Distribution with the confidence to commit to a nationwide rollout. To date, ITI Group has provided 67 control panels, covering both the initial sites, plus another five: Islay, Ullapool, Elgin, Inverness and Orkney.

As the project has evolved, ITI Group has worked collaboratively with SSEN Distribution to discover where enhancements can be made, developing leaner processes and continually improving the design. The latest batch of 47 panels intended for Wessex, Ridgeway and Cowley will be of a lighter, modular construction, streamlining the procurement process and future-proofing the design by providing flexibility on components.

Chris Stones, ITI Group’s Sales Director for Energy, said: “This has been an exciting and fast evolving project, helping SSEN Distribution to develop an optimum design to meet their requirements. The end result is only possibly due to a truly collaborative team effort involving stakeholders from SSEN Distribution, ITI Group and our trusted supply chain partners. We now look forward to an extensive nationwide rollout programme to help SSEN modernise their operational fleet.”

Four of the advanced panels are in the process of being delivered to SSEN Distribution to allow maintenance and operational training for their personnel, with build of the remainder now taking place at ITI Group’s manufacturing facility in Sheffield.