Meet the team – Jelena

Posted in Blog on February 21st, 2023

As you know, employees are our greatest assets and the heart of our business. As part of the ‘Meet the team’ series, we’re introducing the people behind the scenes, from the finance team who run the business side of things to our Digital Manufacturing Consultants and Analysts, who guide our clients through the RAISE™ process, to the technically skilled Software Developers and MES Engineers who develop innovative, business-focused digital solutions.

Introducing Jelena, a Junior Business Analyst at Cimlogic. Jelena lives in Serbia and has a background in linguistics, teaching, and journalism. Since joining Cimlogic over a year ago and transitioning to her first Analyst role, Jelena has enjoyed developing new skills and believes that anything is possible with the right level of support and a strong desire to learn.

Tell us about your Cimlogic journey

I started working at Cimlogic almost a year ago as a Junior Analyst with little experience in this profession, but a very keen interest in analytics, technology and business. The people at Cimlogic recognised my potential and had a clear plan for my development. Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy, but as Andre Gide said, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”. Despite all the challenges, I find this journey exciting and fulfilling.

What skills are fundamental to your role?

Since starting in this role, I’ve been dedicated to developing the skills required of a Business Analyst, as it’s the field in which I hope to build my career. Both roles require a unique blend of technical, analytical, and interpersonal skills, including problem-solving, requirements gathering, data analysis and effective communication. These skills can help bridge the gap between business and technology, understanding business needs, and developing solutions to meet those needs.

Have you worked with mentors within the company who have had a positive impact on your career? 

I’ve been fortunate to have a strong team supporting me. My line manager Oliver Stone (Director of Global Consulting), and André Oliveira (Business Analyst), provide me with invaluable assistance and guidance on a daily basis. I also appreciate the support and contributions of Nik Tankard (Senior Manager Digital Transformation) and Steve Langley (Business Analyst), who have all played a crucial role in my growth and learning.

What are the career prospects and opportunities like at Cimlogic?

Ability is nothing without opportunity.
I love the career prospects and opportunities at Cimlogic; training and development, diversity of roles, and a positive company culture that contributes to career growth and development for all of us.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Cimlogic?

When I was younger, I had a list of qualities I looked for in my ideal work environment. Today, I can proudly say that I have realised my aspirations because working at Cimlogic is a truly rewarding experience. The opportunity to work on challenging and meaningful projects, collaborate with a talented team, and have access to numerous professional development opportunities have been the highlights of my time at Cimlogic. As one of Cimlogic’s first employees in Serbia, I am proud to have encouraged others to join our expanding team.