New Aberdeen office as ITI continues to grow

ITI Group offices in Aberdeen.
Posted in Latest News on February 22nd, 2021

ITI’s Aberdeen-based team have moved to new, modernised premises, in line with our ambitions to deliver transformation and innovation to our customers and enhance their future.

Thanks to the continued trust and loyalty of our customers old and new, helping us to grow our business, the team in Aberdeen has been expanding for several years now, meaning that we’ve completely outgrown our previous premises.

This has provided the opportunity to upgrade to a more modern working environment, which we believe will offer an inspiring working environment for our people, and a welcoming setting for our clients when we are able to invite them to visit.

At the present time, we are of course following COVID-19 Government guidelines, with all members of our team who are able to work from home continuing to do so, but our official office address is now:

ITI Operations Limited, Crombie Lodge, Campus Two, Aberdeen Innovation Park, Aberdeen, AB22 8GU.

All telephone numbers (including the main office number and all extensions, plus the Service Hub) will remain the same.

We hope that these new premises will offer a more welcoming and modern environment for our customers once they are able to come and visit, and that the increased space will provide the foundation for further expansion requirements as new and existing customers continue to trust us to support and transform their operations.

We’re looking forward to being able to invite you to Crombie Lodge in due time, but for now, check out some of our pictures giving a sneak preview of our new home: