How TrakSYS Increased Capacity and Optimised Operations at WaterWipes

Free and Clear Production

Bernard Longmore, VP of Engineering, WaterWipes: “Machines change quickly, as quickly as you can push a button, and people change over time. That said, we engaged our teams so that they knew what to expect, and now, well, TrakSYS has become so integral to what we do. We’d feel like we were operating in the dark if it was no longer available.”


When challenged with production capacity constraints, manufacturers may find themselves asking questions like, “have we truly reached capacity, or do we just need to optimise facets of the production process?” Furthermore, they may ask, “can capacity issues be resolved with Smart, agile solutions, or do we truly need to look into expanding the physical footprint of our make operations?” These questions can leave teams struggling to figure out the best path forward.

With demand for their products consistently on the rise, WaterWipes, an Ireland-based company, realised they needed to find a way to optimise production and quality to increase capacity without expanding the shop floor. Working alongside Parsec Partner, Cimlogic (now ITI Group), the team was able to design and implement a TrakSYS deployment that did just that.

In this webinar, WaterWipes and Cimlogic (now ITI Group) explore how their partnership came to be, the struggles the production team was experiencing (like decreased OEE, lack of real-time visibility, and variable quality levels), and how TrakSYS helped address these issues.

How can TrakSYS real-time solutions help you make the most of your existing infrastructure to achieve increases in OEE, an elevation of quality, and standardisation of best practices and operating procedures? Watch the webinar to find out.

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