We enable manufacturers to create smart, agile, and efficient processes and facilities.

Digital Manufacturing & The Smart Factory

We enable our clients to become world-class manufacturers, and the global leaders of tomorrow.

Using our data-driven technology you can discover operational efficiency improvements and achieve a connected supply-chain.

Our expertise helps major companies to deliver new facilities, and activate change in existing manufacturing efficiencies, throughput, and quality control.

There are huge opportunities across the supply chain to evolve your operations, meet future demand and maintain momentum in a rapidly evolving digital world, you just need the right technology, implemented in line with your business objectives, in order to achieve this.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

We enable manufacturers to create smart, agile, and efficient processes and facilities.

The availability of accurate, timely, and actionable enterprise-wide information is critical to improving your overall manufacturing performance. An effective MES system will sit at the heart of your operations, intertwined with your business and your supply chain, gathering critical operations data from your machines and people, so you can use the insights gleaned from that data to help you run more profitably.

Our ITI Group (formerly Cimlogic) smart factory experts will deliver an MES system that’s right for your business.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Measuring real-time plant productivity through accurate data collection enables full visibility of operations, leading to business decision-making driven by facts, not assumptions.

Our clients use our OEE solutions to improve their business productivity and performance by reducing downtime, improving capacity utilisation, and managing labour costs.

Our smart factory experts will deliver an OEE system that’s right for your business.

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Simulation & Digital Twins

With capital investment running into millions of pounds for new or replacement facilities, it is imperative to ensure they will meet the current and future needs of the organisation. Simulation provides the opportunity to discover the most cost-effective means of achieving a particular goal, without suffering huge cost, lengthy down time, or losing pace through trial-and-error.

By testing ‘What-ifs’ on the digital twin of your facility, you can compare alternative scenarios, and identify the best balance between performance and capital expenditure, without affecting ongoing production.

Our ITI Group simulation experts (formerly Saker Solutions) will help you execute Decision with Vision, and invest right first time.

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Improve productivity, performance and profitability

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Justify capital expenditure, avoiding unnecessary costs

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Make data-driven decisions

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Optimise operational effectiveness

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Connect the supply chain

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“The suite of FlexSim models we developed with ITI Group not only allowed us to validate our Materials Handling Equipment designs, but also to identify areas of the solution where we’d benefit from additional functionality or flexibility to react to future business requirements. We were therefore able to incorporate these changes pre-implementation, reducing our future cost risk exposure.”

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