Servelec Controls trusted to ensure smooth transition of National Grid upgrades

A photograph of a gas pipeline station.
Posted in Latest News on June 18th, 2018

Servelec Controls is proud to announce the award of several major contracts in support of two new National Grid Compressor Station construction projects, upgrading the existing Huntingdon and Peterborough compressor stations.

Awarded the projects via Costain and following completion of a successful Front End Engineering Design (FEED) period, Servelec Controls will be responsible for the development of new Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS) for the two new sites. Servelec’s scope of supply will include a new state of the art Supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA), Compressor Controls and Safety, site Fire & Gas detection and control systems and a Remote Telemetry Solution to provide Real Time Data back to a centralised, national control centre.

The work will ensure both compressor stations reduce emissions, keeping National Grid ahead of the Industrial Emissions Directive. The project will also increase system resilience and reduce overall risk on the National Transmission System by replacing aging assets with modern, efficient equipment.

The project team’s challenge lies in not just creating the new control systems, but integrating them into the existing infrastructure so that there is a seamless, safe and secure switch-over providing control of both new and old compressors. Servelec will play a key role in this challenge.

Barry Shelton, Engineering Manager for Servelec Controls explained: “Our solution will provide safe and secure control of the new equipment and integrate with the system currently in place to monitor and control the existing compressors until they are decommissioned. It is the interlinking with the existing infrastructure which provides the complexity on this project.

“It is imperative that the process of transferring operations to the new systems runs flawlessly, in order to not only preserve security of supply, but also ensure site and environmental safety, as well as the cyber security of the utilities provider.”

Chris Stones, Sales Director for Servelec Controls continued: “These awards reinforce our relationship with Costain, with whom we have collaboratively and successfully delivered several major energy projects in recent years. Our two companies are increasingly aligned in goals and values and strive to supply the highest level of innovation and engineering based solutions to the Energy and Utilities sectors in the UK and beyond safely, reliably and efficiently.”

Matthew Peeke-Vout, Commercial Director at Costain, added: “Servelec’s success on a series of previous projects with us in both the Energy and National Infrastructure sectors has demonstrated their integration capabilities and attention to detail when it comes to safety and security. Costain is the UK’s smart infrastructure solutions provider and we work with a highly competent supply chain to deliver integral improvements to infrastructure that will ultimately improve people’s lives.”