Simulation and Digital Twins

The power to test real-world operations to the limit, perfect change, and understand the operational impact of new technology, facilities and processes.

  • Save time
  • Save Money
  • Drive Efficiency
  • Reduce Risk


Decisive action through understanding

Simulation Modelling helps organisations to visualise and understand proposed changes to facilities, processes and operations, enabling you to:

  • Develop a better understanding of your current operations. Identify what works and what does not, identifying what needs to change, and why.
  • Understand how new varieties of systems, technologies and teams will interact under new designs allowing you to envision how the component parts and complexities of your operation will perform when brought together in new ways.
  • Draw on your real-time operational data to build a live comparison, using your data to determine the best course of action.

What is a Digital Twin?

Our simulation experts create Models (often referred to as ‘Digital Twins’) of real-world operations, which enable ‘what if?’ scenarios to be tested. We have the capability and experience to create digital twins of major and complex facilities and operations, from production, assembly and packing lines or mission-critical facilities, to staffing and customer footfall simulations in retail and commercial settings.  By integrating real data your digital twins can help improve your decision making.

We help our clients across multiple industries to replicate their current or proposed operations, forming a risk and disruption-free virtual environment where they are free to test changes to how they operate, and can visualise and understand the impact that changes bring to the function and performance of their business.

Impactful simulation services

We support clients in Energy, Nuclear, Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics, Food & Beverage – helping them to eradicate errors, improve operations and plot a path to greater productivity.

Our software


FlexSim is a leading, PC based, object-oriented, simulation tool used to model, simulate, and visualise any manufacturing, material handling, logistics or business process.

FlexSim allows users to build models directly in a 3D environment with the ease of conventional 2D models. Incorporated within the standard product are Virtual Reality and Process Mapping functionality together with a license to use the worlds leading curve fitting software, ExpertFit.


Simul8 has been developed to take the risk out of Business Process Management allowing users to predict costs and service levels by simulating process capacities and timings.

Simul8 can be used in a variety of industries and across a variety of application areas.

Simul8 has a strong focus on process allowing users to rapidly develop 2D animated models of their process, use the animation to help validate and communicate the issues and use the strong reporting tools within simul8 to analyse the results.

The Process being modelled may be a manufacturing process, or a clinical testing procedure or an A&E facility. All can be handled using the standard elements with the Simul8 software.


Avert is a PC based, intelligent decision support tool from ARES Security Corporation, used to model a facility to facilitate security vulnerability analyses and optimisation. Using a 3D model of a site, which encompasses security infrastructure such as intruder detection systems and physical barriers, the system uses Monte Carlo Simulation to compute the probability of a successful attack or intrusion and identify facility weaknesses along adversaries’ most likely path.

The application can be used to model various physical breaches, from protesters to terrorism; it enables users to visualise the security breaches, quantifies the existing risks and measures the effectiveness of current and proposed security configurations.

The parameters can easily be changed within the model to address a wide range of security system configurations, threats and targets. Once the vulnerabilities and pathways have been identified and analysed, new defences and procedures can be evaluated to optimise a facility’s posture and thoroughly understand return on investment. This quantitative approach provides a cost-effective means to continually assess risks and optimise security effectiveness against budget.


Proplanner is the leading web-enabled software on the Microsoft.NET platform for manufacturing process engineering, management and collaboration focussed on providing MPM solutions for discrete part manufacturers. Built around the techniques of Lean Manufacturing and Total Quality Improvement and deployed via the Internet or LAN, Proplanner solutions reduce the time required to launch newly designed processes into manufacturing with better product quality and fewer product startup mistakes.


A tool developed by Saker Solutions (now the Simulation team at ITI Group) to dramatically reduce the time taken to produce results.

One of the key issues facing simulation modellers is the time it takes to run simulation models. Typical models may take 30 minutes or more to run a single replication, and with a typical scenario needing to be run for at least 30 replications, the results for any scenario can be a source of significant delay.

SakerGrid resolves this issue by enabling replications to be distributed around a grid enabled network or utilising the SakerCloud to run the replications in Parallel.

Expert Fit

Expert Fit provides curve fitting technology compatible with 27 simulation products including SIMUL8 and Flexsim.

Using distribution-fitting methodology based on 24 years of research and on experimentation with 35,000 data sets, expert fit ensures completeness of your models via curve fitting: very few simulation companies are able to offer this service.

Additional features include descriptive statistics, parameter estimates, goodness of fit tests, graphical analysis and random variate generation.

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ITI Group used simulation to help Cadbury overcome the typical challenges of planning and building a new factory; ensuring that the equipment selection, rules for operation, staffing levels and production capacity were all in sync with the business plan.

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ITI Group used simulation to help Marks and Spencer plc (M&S) design its 900,000sq ft distribution centre in Leicestershire.

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Sellafield Carbon Footprint Tool

The recording and forecasting of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) is key to Sellafield’s ability to understand and modify their carbon footprint.

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