Cimlogic support sector jobs and skills development as smart manufacturing continues to grow

Posted in Latest News on November 30th, 2020

In the most challenging year ever, Cimlogic have seen a considerable rise in the demand for Operational and Digital technology, resulting in remarkable progress for the company; multiple new business wins from UK manufacturers, global support contract wins, and the recruitment of new staff, including software developers and a Managing Director. Cimlogic’s recruitment drive is set to continue, with new job openings in Engineering and Operational Technology.

The rise in demand for smart technology solutions is a global trend: ‘Smart Manufacturing is estimated to be an industry worth $210 Billion USD and is growing fast’.

According to research there are numerous factors driving the growth of the market, including:

  • Growing adoption of Industry 4.0 / IIoT technologies
  • Rising importance of industrial automation in manufacturing processes
  • Rising emphasis on regulatory compliance
  • Increased supply chain complexities
  • Increased demand for software systems that reduce time and cost

The manufacturing sector is therefore set to become an even more vibrant, high-tech, and rewarding career of choice! But what can manufacturers do now to attract more people into the sector, to highlight the many opportunities available, whilst alleviating the increasing skills and labour shortages?

Cimlogic talk to team members about their experiences working in the sector and why people should consider the long-term benefits of an exciting future in manufacturing.

Chris MacKellar joined at Cimlogic as a Control Systems Engineer placement student in 2014. He was sponsored in his final year at University, where he studied Computer Systems Engineering. His current role is Senior Controls Engineer/Operations Team Lead. We asked Chris about his personal development journey and what skills are required in the manufacturing and engineering sector:

“Cimlogic has always supported my personal and technical development, as such I have gained technical qualifications from software providers, as well as project management qualifications. I thoroughly enjoy the culture at Cimlogic; our teams are very diverse, driven, and communicative, with plenty of social events taking place, despite COVID-19 restrictions.

I enjoy working closely with our clients, forming strong relationships, and providing valuable manufacturing solutions. Keeping on top of technology trends is important when working in this sector, as technology develops quickly and being left behind is a real risk. More importantly, the requirement for soft skills within manufacturing, engineering, IT or software development should not be underestimated. These skills can be even more valuable than any technical experience”.

Sarah Beckett joined Cimlogic as an IT Apprentice in 2018 and has recently progressed to the role of Systems Support Engineer. We asked Sarah what she enjoys most about working at Cimlogic and what it’s like developing a career in the sector:

“I started Cimlogic as an apprentice with limited knowledge, so every day I’ve been able to learn and develop my IT skills. I have gained a lot of confidence both personally and professionally, from speaking to customers, to sharing my own ideas with colleagues. From IT to Finance, Software Developers to Marketing, everyone works well together and it’s a very welcoming company to work for.

You don’t normally see many women in the industry so it’s nice to be a part of the women in STEM process and to hopefully see the shift in balance over time. Learning about all the different machinery, ingredients and the processes that go into the everyday products that we use around the house is very interesting (and complex!). Every day is a learning curve and there is never dull moment! Manufacturing is definitely a rewarding career prospect and is only getting better as more factories are becoming smart factories.”

Danny Hart started Cimlogic in 2018 as Software Developer placement student. He was sponsored in his final year at university, where he studied Computing. He has recently re-joined the company as a Software Developer. We asked Danny what it’s like working for blue-chip manufacturing clients and what advise he’d give candidates attending interviews or starting a new role in software development:

“During my time at Cimlogic, my technical skills have developed greatly. The knowledge base and support available internally allows great capacity for learning and I’m much more confident in my development abilities. Additionally, the final year sponsorship scheme was fantastic support for my early career, allowing me to focus entirely on studies during my final year of university and jump straight back into the professional world upon graduation.

The client base at Cimlogic is also second to none – working with a hugely diverse range of global manufacturers. Just this week I’ve been involved with the development of software for fruit, coffee and medicine manufacturers! It’s important to keep up to date with current technologies and methodologies used in the commercial world. Prior to interviews or starting a new role I’d advise finding out what development platform will be used as it will greatly enhance your ability to integrate with the environment and start producing quality work straight away!”