CooperVision selects Cimlogic to implement an OEE system to increase shop floor visibility & drive continuous improvement

Posted in Press Release on October 26th, 2020

Cimlogic has recently been selected to implement an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) system across five contact lens filling lines at CooperVision’s Ashford production facility, to increase the visibility of hidden operational losses on the shop floor and achieve continuous improvement.

The solution, powered by TrakSYS™, (the leading real-time performance software platform developed by Parsec Automation Corp) will be implemented at CooperVision’s Ashford site to help reduce the impact of operational losses on performance including speed losses and downtime, whilst achieving schedule adherence and creating a culture of continuous improvement.

CooperVision is a contact lens manufacturer, selling their product in over 100 countries around the world. CooperVision has a company culture of innovation and they are keen to utilise OEE as a metric to drive continuous improvement efforts at their production site.

Cimlogic has been asked to implement an OEE system and provide guidance throughout their improvement journey. The main objective of the project is to create an environment of continuous improvement and rigorous data analysis, and for decisions to be driven by data, and not by opinion. The OEE system will give CooperVision better visibility of production performance losses and will provide the data required for root cause analysis and more informed business decision-making.

Matthew Bridge, Production Manager at CooperVision said: “CooperVision’s new OEE system will provide an essential indicator for operations. All produced product can be monitored per hour for each of our production lines and set against a target to identify if we are ahead or behind schedule. It will integrate with the production plan and display the current and subsequent work order details. It will also identify speed loss and show where we have issues that are causing additional downtime. The data generated will drive action and make the right diagnosis to provide real root causes and long-term fixes. It will also provide remote access so that we can be informed at all times.”

Oliver Stone, Head of Operational Excellence at Cimlogic also added: “Cimlogic is delighted to be working with CooperVision in providing an OEE system and supporting their continuous improvement journey. The OEE system will give CooperVision better visibility of operational losses and the data needed to perform root cause analysis for long-term improvements. CooperVision is investing heavily in a continuous improvement culture to help improve their overall production performance, and Cimlogic is very pleased to help them achieve this goal. Cimlogic provides clients such as CooperVision with the latest technology solutions and industry expertise to ensure maximum return on investment. We engage our clients with technology and help them solve problems by adding value at every stage of the project. We look forward to establishing a long-term trusted partnership with CooperVision.”

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