Employee Spotlight: let’s talk Digital

Posted in Latest News on May 11th, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Paulo Nobre – Head of Digital & Quality at Cimlogic

Paulo is leading the Digital Business Unit alongside colleague Steve Wilkinson, supporting clients by providing advanced digital solutions to solve problems and explore opportunities identified through Cimlogic’s unique RAISE™ methodology.

A typical week in the Digital Business Unit involves interacting with manufacturing clients to understand how technology can help address their challenges, performing data analysis to understand the problems better, assessing the feasibility of potential solutions and organisation readiness for implementation.

Defining a digital manufacturing roadmap for the client ensures that the implemented solutions, including technologies such as machine learning and AI, will address their complex manufacturing challenges and deliver real business value and success at each stage of the process.

“Cimlogic has given me the chance to build something new and exciting that is more than just technology. Using the information from our systems and processes, we can provide value and agility to our clients as we operate across the whole manufacturing supply chain from operational technology to manufacturing analytics, machine learning and AI. This is something really special and unique.” said Paulo when asked what he enjoys most about his role at Cimlogic.

“One of the main highlights of my time at Cimlogic is the contribution to creating a spirit of continuous improvement by implementing a Quality system, which is now extended to information security and service management. I also enjoy having the opportunity to collaborate with everyone from multiple business functions”.

To find out more about how Cimlogic can support your digital manufacturing journey please visit our Predictive Manufacturing page.