Meet our team – Chris

Posted in Blog on January 31st, 2022

As you know, employees are our greatest assets and the heart of our business. As part of our new ‘Meet the team’ series, we’re introducing the people behind the scenes, from the finance team who run the business side of things to our Digital Manufacturing Consultants and Analysts, who guide our clients through the RAISE™ process, to the technically skilled Software Developers and MES Engineers who develop innovative, business-focused digital solutions.

Introducing Chris, VP of Operations – North America. Chris joined Cimlogic as a Control Systems Engineer placement student in 2014. He was sponsored in his final year at University, where he studied Computer Systems Engineering, after which returned to Cimlogic as Control Systems Engineer. Two years later Chris was promoted to Operations Team Lead. He is now expanding Cimlogic’s presence in the North American region, working to provide better support to existing clients, as well as working with new clients to deliver MES, OT and Digital solutions and Support Services throughout the North American manufacturing market.

Tell us about your Cimlogic journey

Cimlogic has always supported my personal and technical development, I have gained technical qualifications from software providers, as well as project management qualifications. I thoroughly enjoy the culture at Cimlogic; our teams are very diverse, driven, and communicative, with plenty of social events taking place. I enjoy working closely with our clients, forming strong relationships, and providing valuable manufacturing solutions.

What skills are fundamental to your role?

Keeping on top of technology trends is important when working in this sector, as technology develops quickly and being left behind is a real risk. More importantly, the requirement for soft skills within manufacturing, engineering, IT or software development should not be underestimated. These skills can be even more valuable than any technical experience. This is something we very much look for as well when hiring new staff.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Cimlogic?

This is a new role for me and for Cimlogic – right now it’s exciting and fast-paced, we are essentially working as a start-up to get the new business off the ground. I am currently enjoying the freedom that I’ve been given to make the decisions that I think are best for the business. I have learnt a lot already and expect there is a whole lot more I need to understand to do this job well!

What has been the highlight of working at Cimlogic? 

In Cimlogic, if you have an idea or want to suggest a change to our processes or product, you are always listened to and ideas from all parts of the company are regularly implemented. Having this continuous improvement culture within the technical teams means we really do practice what we preach when we’re delivering value and continuous improvement tools to our clients. From a more personal perspective, Cimlogic has always put faith in its employees that are willing to put themselves out there. Those willing to go the extra mile are always rewarded and recognition is a big part of the culture.