Pulling together in 2021 a service team you can trust and rely on

Posted in Blog on January 6th, 2021

By Tom Langton, Head of Service Delivery at Cimlogic. 

The cloud of uncertainty and feeling of nervousness around how 2021 will pan out is ever-present as we begin a new year. But, beyond the frustrations of national restrictions and school closures, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Although an immensely challenging year, as experienced by many businesses, Cimlogic can proudly and somewhat humbly reflect on a highly successful year for many reasons.

2020 saw the Cimlogic Service team achieve a score of 98.5% client satisfaction based on a recent survey response. What is even more impressive to announce is that ZERO negative reviews were left by our clients! Receiving such positive feedback is extremely rewarding for the whole team and testament to their dedication and hard work.

It is therefore no coincidence that three new global service contracts were secured and not a single service contract was cancelled in 2020. As with any great Service organisation, looking after our clients and providing maximum business value is our primary focus.

There are so many well-documented benefits of managed service adoption, but one key benefit often overlooked is that delivering great service is fun for both the provider and client! Once a close working connection has been established, the relationship with the client becomes warm and open and the following benefits can be experienced:

  • Issues or concerns can be addressed in an open and collaborative way, with a mutual strategy in place to resolve.
  • Performance and other improvement opportunities can be recognised and explored together, all while leveraging the providers’ core expertise.
  • Working together to enable client businesses to adapt quickly to change, developing flexible operations and exploring the benefits of digital technology.

These are the building blocks of a relationship based on trust and respect. The service provider naturally progresses to a trusted partner, and not merely a supplier of software and services. Cimlogic is proud to establish long-term trusted partnerships with our clients and to be an integral part of their continuous improvement journey.

One thing is certain, our service team is raring to go and looking forward to maintaining and building great relations with our valued clients, as well as creating new partnerships with future clients, all whilst providing the very best service.

We are in this together!

To learn more about Cimlogic’s Managed Service offering please visit ‘Support‘ or email [email protected]