PI VisionEx

Enhance your PI Vision Displays with ITI Group’s toolbox for easily building faster access to your high-value data

After listening to our clients, ITI Group has developed a suite of PI Vision Extensions aimed at streamlining your experience of PI Vision and tackling your most common frustrations.

Features such as improved display navigation, manual data entry, integration with other systems and an ever-growing library of symbols, come together in the subscription-based toolkit, PI VisionEx.

  • Maximise value from your existing software
  • Display data in new ways
  • Create intuitive and interactive visualisations
  • Understand your data faster
  • Improve decision making

A PI VisionEx subscription provides a collection of new tools and capabilities for use on your PI Vision server and includes access to new extensions, features and updates as they are released.

Supported by our team of certified PI Engineers, PI VisionEx has a managed roadmap of features which incorporates feedback and insights from our global customer-base. The subscription model ensures you will benefit from future releases of an evolving product with a large user-community, streamlining development costs and fast-tracking release of new features.

Current tools in a VisionEx subscription include:

Streamline your navigation experience, with

Navigation Tool
  • Navigate between displays using the tool pane.
  • Move between similar displays without returning to the top menu.
  • Reduce clicks to increase productivity and reduce user frustration.

For cohesion, the hierarchy is created from the PI Vision folder structure and leverages existing security policies.

Enable interactive displays, with 

Manual Data Entry
  • Update PI Tag values and AF attributes from a display.
  • Create a wide range of user entry forms directly in PI Vision. 
  • Add data such as datetime, text, and numerical values, with optional validation.
  • Reduce the need for alternative tools for user interaction.

Embed external data within a PI Vision display, with

Web Page Embed
  • Select a website to be displayed in a PI Vision dashboard, with option to refresh automatically.
  • Integrate visuals, data and webcams from other systems (e.g. PowerBI, Office Forms etc.) to give a unified experience for users without having to navigate to other systems. 


Create interactive equipment monitoring displays, with

Status Indicator 
  • Develop real-time status indicators with manual data input.
  • Monitor metrics such as availability.
  • Capture user comments against known equipment issues.
  • Build a history of metrics with comments that can be used for reporting or audit purposes. 
  • Understand availability losses and the most common causes. 

Present tabular data quickly and neatly, with

AF Table
  • Present data from PI AF in an interactive table view.
  • Incorporate other SQL Data through PI AF Linked Tables.
  • Include advanced features such as sorting, filtering and paging of data.
  • Provide a rich interactive experience for users.

Quickly find the tags you need to visualise using:


Advanced Tag Search
  • Find PI tags easily by searching by point attributes.
  • Quickly narrow down results by combining multiple search criteria. 
  • Focus on what matters by filtering out bad tags by quality and value.
  • Select the correct tag by viewing additional point attributes in the search result.


Analyse past performance and spot anomalies using:


Playback Tool
  • Simulate historical data by replaying the status of a PI Vision Display over a set time period
  • Fine-tune playback settings including display span, step size, and step interval for customised control, ensuring precise data analysis
  • Navigate through the display’s timeline using interactive play, pause, stop, step and loop controls to focus on key events and anomalies


Improve support and guidance using:


Help Pane
  • Display useful help information directly in PI Vision
  • Customise the pane with HTML to include lists, links, images, and more for a tailored help experience
  • Enhance user productivity by providing quick access to relevant information without leaving PI Vision




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