WaterWipes Increased Capacity and Optimised Operations

Global Consumer Packaged Goods client achieves OEE efficiency gains and optimised control of production processes from real-time MES platform.

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Digital Operations
Digital Transformation
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Increased operator efficiency by automating data entry

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Accurate understanding of KPIs and identified areas for improvement

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Increased OEE by 5%, and on track to achieve 70% the following year

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Improved order accuracy, downtime usage and asset distribution

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Optimised control of production processes

WaterWipes’ Challenges

  • Production struggled to meet customer/product demand.
  • Output increasing, but Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) was decreasing.
  • Challenged with process inefficiencies.
  • Only 90% of production time accountable due to gaps in data stream.

WaterWipes’ Requirements

  • Replace their existing OEE solution
  • Provide actionable insight into production losses and their root-causes.
  • Enable changeover efficiencies to be measured and monitored.
  • Remove errors caused by manual entry.
  • Improve product quality through optimised SPC.
  • Digitise quality checks and enable complete traceability.
  • Expand their quality management system capabilities by enabling real-time verification of process results.

Continuous improvement journey

ITI Group helped WaterWipes to embark on a true continuous improvement journey.

In addition to solving all of WaterWipes’ challenges, ITI Group’s MES solution delivered Performance Management, Quality Management and Statistical Process Control, each of which offered a variety of benefits:

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Automatic changeover efficiency monitoring to enable detailed analysis supporting SMED and standardised work improvements

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Machine learning alarm codes and associated loss reasons resulting in reduced human intervention for time accounting

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Business-wide OEE provided production teams with actionable insight and intelligence into line performance, whilst enabling them to meet their production goals

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Test plan scheduling and adherence to coordinate and control the execution of quality processes and procedures within the plant

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Real-time validation of quality check results to ensure product characteristics and criteria meet customer expectations

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Built-in reaction plans to manage nonconforming products

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Product and process data traceability to improve efficiencies and responsiveness to problems

Ongoing Success

Following the success of the project, ITI Group continued to work with the client to replace their existing maintenance and utility management solution, to further optimise operations.

ITI Group has also recently implemented an energy management solution at WaterWipes, which supported the client in achieving the ISO 50001 accreditation for energy management systems.

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