Energy Management

How do you manage energy consumption?

Do you have real-time visibility of your energy usage? How will you achieve your carbon reduction and sustainability goals? Is your organisation ESOS compliant? Do you have real-time visibility of energy consumption to reduce carbon footprint, improve efficiency and reduce costs? In order to meet carbon reduction and sustainability goals, global manufacturers are looking at ways to reduce their energy consumption. But without good data, these objectives can be difficult to achieve.

How can manufacturers strengthen their Corporate Social Responsibility status whilst improving operational efficiency and reducing energy costs and waste? Contextualising energy usage data with production data can help identify opportunities for improvement and yield exceptional results.

Energy Management Checklist

Read the Energy Management checklist guide for top tips on how to improve operational efficiency, reduce waste and achieve your sustainable manufacturing and carbon reduction goals.

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Energy Solution

Built on the MES TrakSYS™ platform from Parsec Corp, ITI Group’s (formerly Cimlogic) mobile energy solution helps manufacturers improve efficiency, reduce waste and achieve sustainable manufacturing:

  • Monitor energy usage (water, air, gas, electricity and steam – WAGES) and receive alerts in real-time to empower corrective action and manage proactive carbon reduction
  • Contextualise energy usage data with production data to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Accurately predict demands on energy to reduce over production
  • Optimise production times in order to minimise energy consumption
  • Utilise data-driven decision making to meet sustainability and carbon reduction goals
  • ITI Group’s energy solution has supported clients in achieving the ISO 50001 standard for energy management systems

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