Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Improving Manufacturing Operations

High levels of downtime and WIP (Work In Progress), low capacity utilisation and high labour costs can all have an impact on business profitability and performance.

ITI Group’s (formerly Cimlogic) OEE solution, built on the industry-leading MES TrakSYS™ platform, can be utilised to

  • Identify downtime reasons and their root causes
  • Non-intrusively involve operators in productivity improvements
  • Measure actual versus specified equipment performance
  • Focus on the reduction of production losses (time, speed, quality),
  • Better understand the cause of equipment failure and improve preventive maintenance,
  • Compare performance across multiple lines and products and prioritise the improvement opportunities based on impact.

The ability to measure real-time plant productivity through accurate data collection enables full visibility of operations, leading to business decision-making driven by facts, not assumptions.

Performance Management Checklist

‘A successful OEE project is more than just a software implementation’ – ITI Group’s insightful article into key considerations for manufacturers considering OEE projects.

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Performance Solution

  • Streamlined project lifecycle following ITI Consulting’s RAISE™ methodology
  • Rapid set-up and deployment using ITI Group configuration templates
  • Can be deployed for one or multiple production areas and easily extended
  • Web-based interface requires no client installation (remote deployment)
  • Allows operators to categorise and annotate production stoppages
  • Powerful web-based reporting, real-time and historical
  • KPI calculation and reporting including OEE (Availability, Performance, Quality), Time analysis, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Downtime
  • Comparison reports for downtime and KPIs by lines and products
  • Option to add TrakSYS™ modules in future

“Using the OEE data we managed to increase efficiency on the production line, going from 64% in 2019 to 82% in 2020.”

Krzysztof Sokolowski – Lean Manager, Mibelle Group


“With TrakSYS we have the capability to understand our efficiency development opportunities at a granular level. Once identified and prioritised, we can create programs for improvement and develop tools within TrakSYS to help us remain in control. We spent about six months on the planning, and one month on implementation. The system was installed in January, and by February, TrakSYS was already providing us the data we needed.”

Bernard Longmore – VP of Engineering, WaterWipes


“CooperVision’s new OEE system will provide an essential indicator for operations. It will integrate with the production plan to identify if we are ahead or behind schedule and show where we have issues that are causing downtime. The data generated will drive action and make the right diagnosis to provide real root causes and long-term fixes.”

Matthew Bridge – Production Manager, CooperVision

A woman on a computer.

OEE for the Operations Director

Measure and improve plant productivity; reduce costs, and production time, and improve quality control. Powerful web-based reporting, real-time and historical. Compare reports for downtime and KPIs by lines and products, improving operational efficiency.

A man on a laptop.

OEE for the Finance Director

OEE enables optimisation of lines, improving return on assets and the utilisation of resources. Identify cost savings and analyse waste. Powerful web-based reporting, real-time and historical, for accurate KPI tracking. Compare reports for downtime and KPIs by lines and products.

A man holding a tablet.

OEE for the Data Analyst

OEE provides business intelligence at your fingertips: with key performance data from equipment and processes. It calculates and reports production KPIs, including OEE (Availability, Performance, Quality); time analysis (production rate and cycle time); MTBF and downtime.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness is an effective KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to help improve the productivity of manufacturing processes and accurately measure true plant productivity

Its key measurable components are Availability, Performance and Quality, measuring downtime, speed and defect losses respectively.

The real time data captured from an Automated OEE system such as production downtime, short stops and speed losses can provide real visibility into the effectiveness of plant machinery and processes needed to make measurable production improvements.

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